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As California defective drug lawyers, we closely follow The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) warnings and updates for adults and children with regard to medications and medical devices. The FDA has just issued a caution about a medication called SimplyThick that they say may cause injury and death to newborns and infants.

Specifically, the concern with this medication is the potential effect it has on the intestinal tissues of infants. An earlier warning had narrowed the concern to the use of the drug with premature babies, but it is now thought to be a concern for infants of any age.

The condition that can develop from the use of SimplyThick is called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Premature babies and infants who have taken this have developed inflammation and the dying off of intestinal tissues. This can lead to injury and death and it is suspected that there is a link between infant illness and deaths and SimplyThick.

The use of this medication is intended to assist in swallowing. SimplyThick is used as a thickening agent for breast milk and infant formula and is sold to both health facilities and the public. It is intended to help premature babies with swallowing and is also used in older kids and adults.

The Journal of Pediatrics just published findings that expanded the concern to infants in general. Parents are asked to seek their physicians advise before using this drug for premature babies or infants. More study is underway on this situation.

The FDA has published a list of symptoms that should be a warning to parents or caregivers using this medication. They include: “bloated stomach, greenish-tinged vomiting and bloody stools.”

We will keep readers apprised of further developments about SimplyThick.
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As infant safety lawyers, we have litigated what are always tragic cases involving infant death. In the past several years we have been at the forefront of infant product recalls involving cribs and basinettes and have posted on the dangers of crib bumpers.

In the early 1990’s. the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a recommendation that infants be placed on their backs to sleep. This is said to have reduced the number of deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, infants continued to suffer tragic deaths in increasing numbers while sleeping in cribs. These deaths have been caused by such things as suffocation and entrapment due to defective cribs, basinettes and the like.

Earlier this week, the AAP has taken a step that we have been advocating for some time. We have represented unsuspecting parents whose babies needlessly suffocated in cribs due to bumpers, positioners and other materials left in the crib.