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The Commerical Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), along with others are sponsoring a major effort this week to stop unsafe drivers. The focus is on teens because that demographic has a high fatality rate and persists in the dangerous practice of texting while driving. Distracted driving is a serious problem in San Francisco and throughout California. As San Francisco car accident lawyers, we know that this activity can cause serious or fatal injury in a motor vehicle crash.

It won’t surprise readers that not only distracted driving, but speeding as well as aggressive driving are the driving behaviors that most often cause fatal crashes in all age groups. The effort this week is intended to stop these dangerous behaviors in drivers by increasing enforcement and education.

The program involves support by law enforcement across North America. Law enforcement is also paired up with other organizations including highway safety, youth groups and driver education organizations.

Since driving has become a more and more difficult challenge on our roads, sponsors hope that by increasing enforcement, safety and education all drivers will benefit. One area of focus in this extensive program is to ensure that all drivers, and particularly teens, are aware of the driving dangers around large vehicles such as trucks and buses. “Teens & Trucks: Curbing Distracted Driving” builds on prior programs to avoid teen driver crashes, educating young drivers on tactics used to educate commercial drivers, about eliminating distractions on the road.
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