Verdict in Los Angeles Hip Implant Defect Case

Recently, a Los Angeles jury awarded a hip implant plaintiff over $4 million dollars in a case involving a defect in manufacturing which eventually caused the hip to fracture and fail within the plaintiff’s body. The plaintiff sued Wright Medical Technology, Inc. for the failed hip implant. In interviews with the National Law Journal, the lawyers involved in the case report that the verdict is significant, but not just for the plaintiff whose implanted hip failed but for other patients who are similarly situated. Not only is the manufacturer of the hip implant named in literally scores of lawsuits, the case signals the potential for more major verdicts against it. The company has issued a statement that it will appeal the recent verdict.

The company has attempted to limit the scope and impact of this verdict. The jury found that the implant defect was in the manufacturing process. The company has stated that this case is out of the ordinary and that it involved a specific component failure. Other cases pending against the company, include multi-district litigations in California and Georgia and involve metal-on-metal hips in which the hip implant has caused injury or has failed. The consolidated cases mainly involve a specific hip implant known as the Conserve.

When patients are preparing for a hip implant, or an implant of any kind, it is important that they research not only their medical team and its experience with implanting devices, but also the type of implant that will be inserted into their bodies. Ensuring that both the surgeon and the device has an excellent track record is of utmost priority. For more information on the issues concerning hip implants please consult the Food and Drug Administration‘s website.

Hersh and Hersh will be watching these cases closely and will post readers on their progress. Many patients with implants are concerned that they might have a defective implant or one that will fail in the future. It is very difficult to live with this possibility, especially when surgery is required to revise or replace the hip that was already implanted and has a history of failure.

If you have had a surgical implant that is causing pain or has been recommended for replacement, contact Hersh and Hersh for a free consultation on your next steps. We represent those injured or harmed due to defective surgical medical devices, including hip implants and knee implants. These injuries can be debilitating and we have the experience to provide the medical and legal support needed under these difficult circumstances.