Apple Workers Claim Wage and Hour Violations

The San Francisco Bay Area is the home of great technology innovation and often the public assumes because this sector is healthy and vibrant, tech workers are as well. But not so fast. Workers at Apple are claiming in another class action that the tech giant has taken a bite out of their rightful earnings. They filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of California, which has now been certified as a class action. The allegations include those we have litigated on behalf of our clients in wage and hour cases, including failures to provide mandated breaks, including lunch and rest. Another claim involves the failure to provide final paychecks to workers. About 20,000 workers allege that the wage and hour violations were not an innocent oversight.

While consumers around the world are using their i-Everythings … from pods to phones to macs … these Apple hourly workers claim they were not provided what the law requires. And this claim doesn’t just apply to one segment of hourly workers. Across the board from technical experts in engineering to store employees, the claim is that the company did not give them certain basic requirements. Another class action that is already underway alleges that the company failed to compensate workers for the time they take on leaving work for searches of their personal items by security.

Wage and hour laws are established to ensure that workers avoid fatigue, injury and receive the quality of work environment to which they are entitled. When an employer fails to provide these basic mandates, workers can seek to be compensated for these failures. Worse yet, the law protects workers when they raise legitimate complaints about company policies that violate their rights to benefit from these protections. In this class action, the workers claim that the company culture did not allow for the legitimate complaint of violations. In short, the company intimidated them into a rule of silence in which they could not complain or could be fired from their jobs if they did.

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