Bay Area Bicycle Accident Ends in Tragedy

One of the most heart wrenching tragedies happened earlier this week very close to home. A young teen was riding her bicycle to school and was hit by a car and lost her life. As California cycling injury lawyers, we want to express our sympathies to her family and school community.

According to reports, the bicycling teen and the vehicle that fatally injured her were making a right turn at the same time. She was wearing a helmet. Authorities are still trying to piece together how this bicycle accident occurred. The driver stopped and stayed at the scene. Police say that the cause of the collision is not clear and that the driver will not be charged.

The teen’s family is not speaking about this tragedy. She attended Woodside High School and resided in Redwood City. According to the statement issued by her school principal, she was an engaged and committed student and athlete.

Unlike in this accident, we read often read reports about situations in which a person is hit while riding a bicycle or walking, and the motorist leaves the scene. Hit and run accidents appear to be on the rise all over the country.

California law requires that motorists stop after an accident that involves the injury of another person. Under California Vehicle Code section 20001, drivers must, among other things, immediately stop, provide identification to other parties or law enforcement and provide reasonable assistance to the injured person or persons. This driver appears to have done everything right.

We hope that over time, the young teen’s family can heal and that her school community can as well.

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