SF MUNI Tracks Pose Danger to Bike Riders

Earlier this week, a bicyclist was riding at the intersection of Market and New Montgomery Streets in San Francisco, when tragedy occurred. The wheel of his bike was caught on the Muni tracks as he rode parallel to an SF Muni Bus. He then fell under the bus, which drove over him.

The bicyclist apparently was seriously injured and was taken to the local trauma center at San Francisco General Hospital with what were said to be life threatening injuries. Our hearts go out to the injured bicyclist and his family. We do not know the status of his injuries, but will keep readers posted if we learn of his condition.

As Bay Area bicycle accident lawyers, we are aware of situations in which bike wheels have become caught in storm drains, train tracks and other permanent or temporary road fixtures. This scenario can be very dangerous.

Getting a wheel stuck is the MUNI tracks is one hazard that experienced cyclists, especially those who ride in the city of San Francisco, know can be treacherous. A local bicycle company has a muni-track bumper sticker that depicts a rider with its wheel getting stuck and the rider falling. A local bicycle maker’s website notes that states “if you ride the mean streets of San Francisco and haven’t had a near miss on MUNI tracks – you need to ride your bike more often.”

So what can be done to avoid this hazard? The terrible accident that occurred this past week, reminds us that riding in our beautiful city can be dangerous. Many of us are committed to a better planet and riding a bike in the city cuts down on car traffic. We hope that more can be done to ensure that accidents are avoided and one step in the direction is rider awareness of this hazard.

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