East Bay Motorcycle Crash Ends in Tragedy

Earlier this month, an El Cerrito man lost his life while riding his motorcycle in Oakland, California. According to reports of the accident, he was said to have been speeding and lost control of his bike.

As is often the case in single vehicle accidents, he hit the guardrail. Sadly, he was on an overpass and ended up flying off his bike and falling over the rail to his death. He passed away at the scene of the fall.

The rider had been driving with a suspended license and had been involved in prior crashes. He also had several violations on his record. These included driving without license plates and possessing marijuana in his car. There was no information about whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the fatal crash.

Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased bike rider. In our practice as California injury lawyers we have consoled many families who are dealing with tragic accidents and losses.

As we noted last year, researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) are studying the causes of single vehicle accidents. In this case, speed was apparently a major factor in the loss of control and ultimately the separation of the driver from his bike.

The VTTI Center for Injury Biomechanics is researching the mechanisms of traumatic road departure motor vehicle accidents. Motorcycle road departures are a major part of the study that is well underway now. About 10,000 Americans are fatally injured in road departure crashes annually. Many of these accidents are due to “collisions with trees, poles, side slopes, and other hazards.”

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