Tragic Single Car Crash in San Jose

We have posted in the past about the dangers of single car crashes and road departures that can be fatal. Sadly, one passenger was killed and two other were injured in a family tragedy in San Jose, California earlier this week.

The family was returning from a trip to Mexico when their SUV left an off-ramp and turned over. The accident occurred in the early-morning hours and was said to be caused by the driver traveling at a high rate of speed when approaching the off-ramp. The vehicle struck a curb and rolled over.

One of the most dangerous aspects of any motor vehicle accident is the possibility of ejection from the vehicle. The deceased passenger had been sitting in the rear of the vehicle and was ejected. He passed away at the accident scene. Another injured passenger was also ejected from the vehicle. She was taken to the hospital. along with another passenger.

The apparent cause of this accident was speed. This cause, along with others, is being studied at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Center for Injury Biomechanics. The researchers there are looking for the mechanisms that can cause single vehicle accidents such as this recent tragedy.

In this accident, it is believed that the vehicle hit a high curb, but was also traveling too fast to safely maneuver the off-ramp. Studies are underway that will look at such things as guide rails, signs and other devices that might play a part in single vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, speed is one of the factors that is within the driver’s control, but that too is part of the picture that will be evaluated in the studies.

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