Who Cares? Obama Wants Fair Pay for Home Health Care Workers

For many years, the health care workers that provide home care to the elderly and disabled have been unprotected under wage and hour laws. Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced that this situation is “inexcusable” and has called for a major change in the support provided to these caregivers.

Home health care workers that care for the elderly and disabled often receive less than the minimum wage. The law does not require otherwise which means there is nothing these workers can really do to receive fair pay for their hard and important work. A total of 29 states do not mandate the payment of minimum wage and overtime for home health care workers.

Many of us have elderly parents or disabled family members who need this type of in-home care. President Obama has endorsed a new Labor Department rule that would require home health care workers to receive minimum wages, plus overtime.

Since the labor force involved in this type of care is actually fairly large — and a total of 2 million health care workers are being employed without the benefit of wage protections, the change is going to make a big difference for these workers. During the announcement, the President was flanked by the hard working men and women who take care of our family members in their homes. Describing them as working “their tails off” he noted that fair pay should be provided to them.

With an aging population, more and more Americans will need home health care. It is very important that all workers are paid fairly and are protected under the law. Hersh & Hersh applauds this effort on the part of the White House to ensure fair wages for American workers. In our experience as wage and hour lawyers, it is our honor to have helped many workers receive the pay they are entitled to under the law. If you have a concern that you might not be receiving appropriate pay, please contact our San Francisco wage and hour law firm for a free consultation with regard to your rights. We have helped many workers receive their proper wages and benefits.