Terminix Company Employees Win Wage and Hour Jury Verdict

The lawyers of Hersh & Hersh who sponsor the California Injury Attorney Blog served as co-counsel in a landmark win in federal court this week involving wage and hour claims. A federal jury rendered a verdict that is a victory for workers’ rights.

In this case, the termite inspectors employed by Terminix (which is part of Terminix International, Inc.) presented a case to the jury that involved the company’s failure to provide rest breaks, required work for greater than the number of hours per day allowed by California law and resulted in wage and hour violations. The inspectors also worked nights and weekends without additional compensation, which amounted to a failure by the company to pay overtime wages. This is not permitted under California law.

In September, we posted on a related case in which a class action was settled for $1.5 million that involved 1200 termite inspector trainees who were working in California. A United States District Court Judge approved a $1.5 million settlement, but several of the employees must make their claims in arbitration.

Overtime pay claims involving wages and hours are generally settled by companies. But when profits are carried on the backs of workers, companies might be reluctant to settle out of court and take their chances litigating the matter in court.

These cases will help all workers who are not being paid according to the laws that protect them. Such requirements as overtime pay, wage and hour issues, rest breaks and related claims will perhaps be taken more seriously by other employers who are not following the laws and regulations that ensure the protection of workers in many cases.

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