Finally, Crib Safety Gets Legal

The consumer protection lawyers of the California Injury Attorney Blog have been at the forefront of the call for crib safety. Our law firm handled the 2005 infant death case that involved a Simplicity drop side crib — that case ultimately led to a recall of over 1 million drop side cribs and the ban on them that has just gone into effect across the country.

As personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, we have represented the parents and families of infants who have been injured, or have tragically died, due to defective and dangerous products such as cribs, basinettes and crib bumpers.

The implementation of crib safety standards is a step in the right direction for infants and families throughout the country. Last December, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission approved new crib standards that are mandatory and have now gone into effect.

No longer will consumers have to worry about visiting a retail store and unwittingly purchasing a crib that does not meet the new standards. All “importers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers must offer only cribs that meet the CPSC’s new and improved full-size and non-full-size crib standards.”

Parents and families must still be vigilant to avoid purchasing unsafe cribs at garage sales or on-line on sites where they might find a “good deal.” Hand-me-down cribs that are passed through families that do not comply with these standards should be sent to land fill. Be informed about what you are buying or receiving as a gift from a family member. These “heirloom” cribs and basinettes can be the most dangerous gift you have ever accepted as a parent.

The new mandatory rules for cribs include such requirements as the strengthening of crib slats, new hardware that is stronger, prohibition of manufacture and sale of drop side cribs and better safety testing. These new and more stringent safety standards will also apply to hotels, child care centers and other facilities in late 2012.

We have been involved in the recalls of dangerous infant products and we are in good company. More than 11 million dangerous have been recalled by the CPSC over the past five years. That’s right, 11 million. We’ll let that number sink in for a minute.

Dangerous drop side cribs, defective bassinettes and crib bumpers have been associated with many suffocation and strangulation infant deaths in the past decade. We know this because we have had the grieving parents, grandparents and family members as clients after a tragedy involving defective and dangerous infant products.

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