Recent Injuries Raise Safety Questions for “Bounce Houses”

As California injury lawyers, we want our readers to be aware of a potential injury hazard that comes along with spring and summer outdoor fun. A recent accident in New York shown on news outlets around the country has caught the attention of viewers and highlighted the potential dangers of large inflatable slides and houses, also known as “bounce houses.”

A Long Island spring party turned very dangerous when one of these houses pulled away from its moorings and became airborne. There were no children in the inflatable toy or two-story slide when this happened, but many were injured. One woman was seriously injured and 12 others sustained more mild injuries. Parents were stunned when the toy began to fly into the air, many of them previously unaware of the potential for danger.

The Associated Press reports that this is not the first time such an accident has happened with these bounce houses. They say about 10 have been “toppled by winds or collapsed under too much weight in the past two months, injuring more than 40 people” – this information was located on

According to an industry expert that spoke with the AP for their article, it is way the inflatable houses are set up that creates the risk, as well as supervision. Apparently, the experts know that bounce houses can be dangerous.

Those who sell or rent the inflatable toys are not regulated and very few states have any requirements regarding them. Some require insurance and a few require training.

The woman who was seriously injured in the New York incident, was hit by one of the flying toys. The local DA plans to investigate the accident. But the AP report noted that the devices seemed to be secured properly and there were operators attending to each of them. However, a gust of wind blew them off their moorings.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported several years ago that the bounce houses can result in injury and warned that they must to be anchored correctly, with operators managing them closely. Please be aware of the need for expert set-up for these toys. Also it is highly recommended that you ensure the toys are supervised at all times. In the case of two-story slides, the CPSC recommends two people to supervise the use of this toy.

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