Recent Hit and Runs Cause Bicycle and Pedestrian Deaths

As California consumer and injury lawyers, we have seen the tragic consequences of serious accidents of all kinds. Among the most likely to cause catastrophic injury, are those that occur when cars and people or bicyclists collide.

Recently, a Ventura County driver hit and ran after striking and killing a bicyclist — he was arrested in his driveway. Two other bicyclists were hit but not killed by this driver.

We are all aware that pedestrian accidents and injuries can happen at any time and tragically, can result in serious injury and even death. We sometimes forget how vulnerable we are when simply walking across a street or riding a bicycle on a country lane. But pedestrians and cyclists cannot protect themselves from a driver under the influence who is not obeying the rules of the road.

That is what happened last week in San Francisco when a pedestrian was killed in a hit and run at Masonic Avenue at Turk Boulevard. The 61-year old pedestrian died at the scene and had been crossing at the intersection when a suspected drunk driver struck him while on what ended up as a hit and run rampage.

The driver of the car also hit several cars after striking the pedestrian and finally slammed into planters at the St. Mary’s Medical Center on Stanyan Street.
The driver was injured and taken to the hospital. He was also arrested and will likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Tragically, the Masonic and Turk intersection has been the scene of a fatal hit and run. Last year a German tourist was killed at that intersection as he rode a bicycle.
Masonic Avenue is under study for redesigns to make it safer.

The executive director of the pedestrian advocate group Walk San Francisco was quoted as saying that Masonic Avenue is under a redesign process that should lead to safety measures. Sadly the changes have not yet been made and another life has been lost.

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