When Fun Becomes Tragic

Recently, a man drowned in southern California during a scuba-diving class off the coast near Catalina Island. According to Los Angeles authorities, the drowning victim was taking a beginning scuba course when he apparently became unconscious. The victim was rushed to the University of California Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber by a lifeguard boat, but the emergency medical treatment was not successful and he was pronounced dead there.

We currently do not know more facts about this incident. However, it is important to be reminded that when we go outdoors to do fun activities, we also need to be prepared for those activities. When taking a class or a tour, pay attention to the qualifications of those involved.

An example of recreational activity that turned harmful is a recent incident on a Segway tour in northern California. The California Injury Attorney Blog’s affiliated San Francisco injury law firm recently settled a case of serious injury that took place during a Segway tour at a Bay Area recreational area.

In that case, a series of things occurred that caused serious injury. First, the injured woman was not properly trained on the Segway prior to the tour and her tour guide was not present when she was trained and was not aware of her level of comfort in operating the segway. Second, the tour operators failed to properly monitor the tour that the woman was on when she crashed and was very badly hurt. Third, the tour guide himself was inexperienced. He had even asked to be excused from guiding the very tour he was guiding at the time the woman was injured, but his manager required him to go out anyway. He did not want to supervise another tour because he had led a tour earlier that day in which a participant was injured.

The woman suffered a severe leg injury when she was unable to stop her Segway and fell over it. She has had two surgeries and now has difficulty with mobility and cannot do things she used to enjoy doing.

In the case of the scuba diver’s death we do not know whether the scuba instructor involved in the Catalina Island case was experienced or why the man died doing an activity that many would enjoy learning and is done safely every day. The authorities are not releasing more information.

Before you decide to enjoy a new activity or go on a tour, make sure you feel comfortable with the instructors or guides. If you do not believe you have had enough instruction, or if you do not know the credentials of your instructor or the tour operator, go elsewhere or do a different activity.

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