Infant Deaths Compel New Crib Standards

The California Injury Attorney Blog is pleased to provide readers with information about the new crib rule that has been issued by the federal government.

Our affiliated consumer law firm, San Francisco’s Hersh & Hersh, has been at the center of the cases involving infant deaths due to defective and unsafe cribs. Our work was instrumental in securing major recalls concerning infant safety and we were involved in the largest recall of cribs and bassinettes in American history.

Many Americans have been asking the CSPC questions regarding the new rules. According to the federal government, most questions have concerned the drip side, but the new standard impacts more than the drop side and includes: the crib’s mattress support, slats, and hardware.

The new standards require all of these to be more durable. In addition, crib manufacturers must test their cribs and have a higher burden to prove to the government that they have complied through rigorous testing. The new standards go into effect on June 28, 2011.

Childcare centers and public accommodations must comply by December 28, 2012.
It is very important for consumers to know that not only does the new standard involve new cribs it also involves resale of cribs. Both full-size and non full-size cribs are covered.

If you would like more information about crib safety please visit the Crib Information Center for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. There you will find specific instructions on how to put your baby safely to sleep and what to look for in your baby’s nursery and crib to ensure safety.

In the coming weeks we will provide more information about the new crib standard.

The lawyers of California’s preeminent consumer law firm, Hersh & Hersh have compassionately represented the families of children and infants who have been injured or have died in a tragic incident. We have represented families of babies who have died in defective and dangerous cribs. Please contact our offices for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys regarding any questions you have if your child or infant has been injured.