Snowboarder in Deadly Crash on Tahoe Slopes

The snowy slopes of the Tahoe area are a big draw this time of year. Many skiers and snowboarders have had a great winter in the ski resorts this season.

Tragically, for one University of California, Santa Cruz senior, what should have been a wonderful ski weekend ended in her death while she was snowboarding. Although the autopsy is not complete, the cause of her death appears to have been blunt force trauma after she crashed backward into a ski lift tower.

The local authorities believe the woman, a 22-year old theater student, crashed into a tower pole at a ski resort. She may have not seen the pole as she was apparently turned backwards facing uphill, rather than facing downhill, while sitting on her snowboard and using it like a sled. She also may not have been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

In considering this tragic end to a young life, the California Injury Attorney Blog reminds its readers to ski and snowboard safely. Go over the safety rules for yourself and with your children before you get on the slopes and remember to wear a helmet to help avoid injury.

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