Food Safety Alert — Egg Recall Continues

The California Injury Attorney Blog tracks national drug and product recalls. Most recently, the nation has been under a massive recall of shell eggs. This is a significant food safety issue and we want our readers to take precautions to avoid illness.

The recent recalls became necessary after hundreds of consumers across the country became ill with Salmonella Enteritidis (SE). This illness can be serious and is a common cause of food poisoning.

Millions of shell eggs have now been recalled from store shelves. The FDA also has extensive questions and answers on its website to help consumers avoid becoming ill from these eggs.

The recall involves Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms, Inc. both of which are the subject of ongoing investigations that include environmental sampling at company facilities. The sampling indicates that these facilities are the source of the contaminated shell eggs. More specifically, the bacteria may have originated at the feed mill for these facilities, which is located several miles away.

There are many brand names involved in this recall because the eggs are packaged and distributed by many companies around the country. About 500 million eggs are now involved in the recall. A list of the brands involved can be viewed here.

The FDA says that it is continuing its investigation of the sources of the contamination. That includes assessments of farm conditions, including environmental sampling. Other important areas are being reviewed such as sanitation, security and the like.
Investigators are also looking at whether these facilities share common practices and sources that could lead to such a large contamination.

This is the largest national Salmonella outbreak since records on such outbreaks started in 1970. The largest prior outbreak was in 1994 and involved ice cream.

The FDA continues to issue inspection reports for some of the companies that have been subject to the recall. If you would like to read these reports, click here and here.

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