Despite Dangers, Avandia Remains on Market

The California Injury Attorney Blog has kept our readers posted on the heart-related dangers associated with the diabetes drug, Avandia. Last week, after months of anticipation, the FDA advisory panel convened to provide its conclusions on the RECORD study, funded by the drug’s manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. The panel’s recommendations move on to the FDA.

The public has needed clarity on this for some time now, but they did not get it from the advisory panel’s recommendation to the FDA. Although the Advisory Panel did not pull the drug from the market, the debate was heated and the vote interesting as 17 members voted to keep the drug on the market but want new restrictions, three said nothing needs to be added to the warnings, and 12 sought a recall of the drug from the market.

Avandia’s competing drug Actos does not appear to have the same level of cardiovascular risk associated with it. At least that is what the scientific community is saying at the moment.

The New York Times has reported that the drug’s manufacturer has spent a great deal of effort over the past decade