Yamaha Takes $317 Thousand Hit in Georgia Off-Road Vehicle Case

Last week a jury awarded a couple in Georgia $317 thousand against Yamaha for injuries sustained by the husband while using his Yamaha off-road Rhino-model recreational-utility vehicle. Other cases are pending against Yamaha for product liability for alleged defects in the off-road vehicle.

More cases are expected to follow given that this case was not an extreme injury. As reported by law.com, plaintiffs’ counsel expects to see many other cases already filed in Georgia to go-ahead based on this verdict.

In this case, the injuries were not extreme, but the jury still found liability against Yamaha. The injured plaintiff was turning when the vehicle tipped over and trapped his leg which was crushed under its weight.

Plaintiffs’ argued that the Rhino should have had a barrier to protect the rider’s legs. The company placed doors on the Rhino after this accident occurred. According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, the jury, which took ten hours in deliberations after a two-week trial, was swayed by Yamaha’s failure to test the Rhino for possible issues with occupant containment.

Yamaha is maintaining a “Truth About Rhino” website which states the company “is disappointed by the jury’s decision to find for the plaintiff in this case and will pursue all appropriate legal remedies, including possible appeal.”

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