Auto Safety Woes Continue for Toyota

Last week, Toyota got more bad news and more bad press about the safety of its cars. Its the kind of bad press no car manufacturer would want, especially one that has been a headline news story for months.

What happened this time? Consumer Reports tested the Lexus GX 460. They reported that its tests revealed a dangerous problem in handling the car. This in turn led to a Don’t Buy recommendation by the popular consumer hot spot.

What went wrong with this car? In the Consumer Reports testing, when pushed to its limit, the rear of the car swerved making rollover a major risk. The electronic stability system did not engage until after the rear of the car had already slid out nearly sideways. The driver was not able to regain control of the auto until it was close to a roll-over.

A bit of good news for Toyota: the other Toyota SUV’s tested by Consumer Reports did not have this problem.

Under the safety and governmental microscope, Toyota took fast note and its engineers replicated the slide. Toyota agrees — there is a safety issue with the vehicle. In an unprecedented move, sales of the Lexus GX 460 were halted.

Toyota also has a big decision to make about fines. They must inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week about whether the company will pay the proposed fine of $16.4 million for the alleged failure to disclose information regarding the “sticky pedal” issue that has been haunting the company for months now. Failure to pay this fine could result in court action against Toyota.

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