April 30 — National No Phone Zone Day

The California Injury Attorney Blog has promised to keep you informed of distracted driving developments. As we noted, the US Department of Transportation and Oprah Winfrey have teamed up on this issue.

Now Oprah has announced National No Phone Zone Day for April 30 as she says she is taking the effort to the streets. You can sign Oprah’s No Phone Zone pledge on her site. You can pledge not to text and drive. The main goals are to stop drivers from texting altogether and to either use a hands free device or pull over to the side of the road when talking on the phone.

It is generally agreed that teen drivers are at a particularly high risk for texting and driving. This is a teen means of communication and with that comes great danger.

New public service announcements by ATT show the word “yeah” on the screen while a young woman’s voice says (paraphrasing) this was the last word her sister saw before her fatal accident and that this one message was not worth dying for — or words to that effect.

The other day, a friend recounted seeing a teen driver holding a cigarette while talking on the phone while driving. This left no hands with which to drive. Since the teen brain actually is prone to taking higher risk — it is going to take a great deal of tragedy before we make real progress in stopping this activity.

Hopefully, we will also see more enforcement of the laws prohibiting this activity, which are now either enacted or being considered in many states around the country.

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