America, This is Big. Stop Driving Distracted.

When the United States Department of Transportation AND Oprah are literally on the same web page, you know this is BIG. Distracted driving has erupted as a very dangerous impairment.

The California Injury Attorney Blog has commented on this in the past and joins the efforts to inform the public of these dangers by committing to post information on this issue on a regular basis.

It is not possible to emphasize enough the dangers of getting in the driver’s seat holding a phone, surfing the web or texting. No matter how safely any individual believes he or she can do these things while driving — the statistics show this is not the case. Not only that, but it is quite possible that in litigation the records of this behavior may well be captured.

So here we are at a crossroads in American driving history. And it is serious. The statistics are out for 2008, we know that nearly 6,000 deaths were caused by distracted driving.

Cars and phones, texting while driving are a lethal mix. Some states like California have outlawed the practice of texting or holding a phone while driving. Some states have not done a thing about it, despite the statistics.

The federal government says it heard “America’s call to end the dangerous practice of distracted driving on our nation’s roadways.” Because driving and doing other things besides driving is potentially lethal to not only the driver, but pedestrians, other drivers and passengers the government has promised that it will not stop until it is ended.

The federal government’s effort is leading the charge and they have created a website that has a constant feed on the issue. Spending only a few minutes on the site it becomes clear — we are in a driving crisis in our country.

The collision now is between safe driving and the technologies we love. The moment of crisis has arrived and the message from Washington is — Put it down.

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For more information on the risks of distracted driving in a truck or other motor vehicle please visit the NHTSA.

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